EM & CT tagged me yet again. This time, she wants us to take a sneak peak into my life, um, I mean my bag. I wanted to cheat and pretend I’m using a different, prettier bag, but I decided not to.

So, here is my ratty Nine West bag, circa 2004.

The story behind this bag is that I used to work at a video store back then, in addition to a semi-normal job at a semi-bank. Right? Ok. So, the video store manager would pay us in coins. At every month end. We’re talking about getting paid R1500 or R2000 in coins. What fun.

The money I made from the semi-bank job went towards food (Toby didn’t work, I supported his ass) and some of my bills. The money I made at this video store was my splurge money. Oh, what a feeling.

So I walked into the Nine West store, opened my “wallet”, and pulled out a bank bag full of R5 coins. I decided on the pink bag because I thought it’d always look good. Ha! The sales assistant gave me one of her best sneers, ever, and counted the R5 coins, all 70 of them.

I walked out of that store, the happiest girl in all of Cape Town.

All my crap. I’ll break it down in easy to digest pictures right now.

2 x Tea Bags in different flavours – I ❤ tea. Most flavours. The little reddish sachet is my favourite.

1 x Vodacom R12 airtime – Poof. Gone.

1 x Bus ticket – I take the bus to work.

2 x Lindt chocolate wrappers – I’m an addict. To Lindt and to Vida. I think I’ve got a soft spot for the Vida in my area: it’s where Uri and I were supposed to meet the first time last year. When we got there, it was closed, and we went to one of his favourite restaurants instead. Anyway. I ❤ Vida.

1 x What not to write – A girl’s gotta know such stuff.

1 x Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreels – My Afrikaans is rusty. This book might help me regain some control.

1 x Notepad – LOL (You can only imagine what my LOLLING means)

1 x Sexy Carol Boyes pen – LOL (You can only imagine what my LOLLING means)

1 x Louis Vuitton wallet – Yes, folks, this is the wallet.

1 x Vogue Sunnies – Got this from whatshisname back in 2006.

1 x Lipgloss – Can’t be caught without lipgloss.

1 x Tube of lotion – This is fabulous! I use it on my face, my lips, my hands and my legs.

1 x Tampon – You never know when inspiration will strike.

1 x Random mini thingy of lotion – Got this in a magazine, but only use it if I’m forced to.

1 x Yet another notepad – I got this at Exclusive Books in 2006. It contains some crazy notes, hey.

1 x Sony Ericsson K800i – There’s an interesting story behind this. Well, semi-interesting at least.

1 x iPod 30Gig – Running out of space. Only 6.5 Gigs left on it.

1 x Set of keys – Scooter and housekeys.


Look what I got!


My first LV

Well, it isn’t the LV I was coveting, but it’s a pretty good replacement. I used it for the first time to take out small change for the taxi – R4.50, and felt trés rich. And then I had coffee at the deli down the road.

Valerie Solanas got it all wrong. Men aren’t S.C.U.M. LOL

I think this is my new baby, and she’s going to sleep next to me tonight. He he he he

I want to touch


Fuck. Steve Jobs is da man. I just now read on IOL about the new iTouch. I then did a search for other news on the iTouch on the interwebs, but only found the same regurgitated press releases.

I’ve been traipsing to my local Incredible Connections store for the last couple of weeks, admiring the sleek iTouch, touching it, prodding it, fingering it. LOL. I’m disgusting.

I have fallen in love! Besides the astronomical price tag, I was also put off by the memory storage: a measly 16GB for the upper-end model, and a pathetic 8GB on the smaller model. My current iPod is the standard 30GB video and I have almost run out of space. Another 6GB and I’m screwed. And I have less than 3000 songs on it… I blame the porn…

So now we’re waiting on the superb 32GB Jobsian wonder to arrive in Efrika. But who would be able to afford it at $499?? Or rather, I’m sure they’ll push up the price just ever so slightly to “accommodate” us Efrikans. Just slightly, hey?