I met someone. It’s been more than a month. And he thinks he’s in love with me. He wants to get a divorce and marry me. Yes, of course he’s married…

The last month has been beyond interesting. I constantly have to remind him not to spend that much money on me. But alas, he doesn’t listen. That’s why I have a new netbook, Tammy Frazer bespoke perfume, a Mulberry Silk duvet and other luxury goods. And I’m not really complaining, either; I’m loving the attention and gifts.

But I feel guilty. Often.

I manage at least 5 or six hours’ sleep at night but it’s something I do worry about.

And I am unsure whether he is someone whom I can get married to. He’s sweet and only wants the best for me. But it’s been too soon. He’s probably still trying to impress me. And as soon as we had gotten married he would be complaining to his friends that I am spending too much of his money.

We had spent the weekend along the Garden Route. It had been lovely.

I just do not want to get used to all the things he can offer me. It’s a bit frightening. So why then had I introduced him to some of my family members? Why then do I long for his kiss or his arms around me when he isn’t around? Why then do I smile involuntarily whenever I see him walking towards me? And why am willing to adjust my wardrobe just a teeny bit to please him?