I am nearly there


Late last year I wrote about my tricky financial situation. Since then I paid just a bit over R17000 towards debt. I still have a long way to go but things really are looking better. I now need to pay back the company loan that I have. That should take 3 or 4 months, depending on whether our accountant will approve the new R5000 loan that I need to fix my busted scooter.

This morning I went to the Magistrate’s Court to have the Telkom Judgment rescinded. It took all of 5 minutes to do so. Well, first I had to pay more than double the original debt in interest and other charges. Then I got permission from Telkom’s attorneys to have the judgment rescinded. And then on Thursday I got an appointment to see the judge who has the power to rescind the judgment. I’ll never get into a situation like this again. Never.

And then — the best news, ever: I managed to save R120 into a fixed savings account. I’ll do this for 12 months. This will be a test run of sorts. I may end up buying shoes with the money. But who knows, I might decide to continue saving for a rainy day.

I’ll use today’s lunch hour to go find out how to get a new copy of my Matric results. So here are the figures:

Edgars R 2 433.00 Paid Up
Truworths R 4 313.00 New balance: R3813
Telkom Judgment R 3 480.00 Paid R7080 and had the judgment rescinded on 4 May 2009
Woolworths R 4 318.00 Proscribes on 15 May 2009
Nedbank R 4 598.00 Begin paying R280 a month for 18 months on 26 May 2009
RCS R 5 057.00 New balance: R4557
Virgin Money Judgment R 12 808.00 Begin paying R1000 a month for 12 months in August 2009
Vet R 1 400.00 Proscribes 10/07/2009
Nedbank Credit Card R 2 754.00 Paid Up
Discovery R 303.61 Paid R303.61
Vodacom R 7 102.00 Begin paying R500 a month for 14 months in August 2009
Sainet R 1061.08 Paid R1061.08
Leisure Books R 226.15 Paid R226.15
R 49 608.38 R32 633