How to know if a guy is into himself


One of the google searches that led some unsuspecting searcher to my blog: how to know if a guy is into himself.

I don’t know whether this person saw it as a negative or as a plus. But I think it’s a good thing. You’re allowed to like yourself. So the guy whom you’re dating should also think highly of himself. If he doesn’t, who will? I’ve dated men who didn’t like themselves — Toby is one of them. Even Jozi boytjie is unsure about himself. I’d like to think it’s because they’re still young(ish).

So how can you tell whether a guy likes himself?

Well, it’s simple.

  • He doesn’t feel the need to crack jokes about himself, no matter how weird, fat or poor he may be. A guy who likes himself doesn’t need to do that; he is confident that his regular jokes will impress you. He won’t take the first girl who makes herself available to him. He’ll wait a bit.
  • He’ll dress nicely. No, really. He’ll take care of himself. So he won’t have dodgy teeth or cracked heels. He’ll always smell fresh.
  • He doesn’t apologise for liking something that you may scoff at.

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