I’m still laughing, you know?


If this were 08 January 2007 I would’ve been crying. Hell, on 08 January 2006 I *was* crying. But that’s a different story and it shows how much stronger I have become.

Fine, then. I cried a little yesterday. I cried after Jozi boytjie’s abrupt ‘Goodbye’ and I cried a little after speaking to LA late last night.

And I was shaking yesterday afternoon when I discovered someone at work is being dishonest. I called her over to my desk once, twice, three times. I made her explain why X and Y are identical. Can’t say much more than that, though.  And then I asked her to come with me to the boardroom. My hands were shaking. I was a mix of emotions. This is horrible to admit but I have lost my respect for her. Well, frankly, I have never had much respect for her. She tried to justify herself and acted as though she didn’t do anything wrong. But you can’t con a con-girl. I’m a good liar so I know when someone else lies to me. Here’s looking at ya.

So try to imagine the look on my face when I got home to discover my fridge has been unplugged since, um, Sunday? And that I lost R350 worth of meat?


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