2008 was a decent year, I think


I love this blog. I blogged about my breakup with Toby and adjusting to being single; I blogged about meeting and falling in love/lust with Victor; I blogged about the 50% salary increase I got in May 2008. Or did I? Eeep. Perhaps I didn’t. But I did complain about getting paid peanuts

I bitched about moving to suburbia, which didn’t feel like the real suburbia. But I somehow forgot to mention that I moved back to where my heart belongs. I took months to be able to blog about Mr Stellenbosch. I met a Jozi boytjie but it turned out He’s just not that into me.

It was a funny year for me. Nothing terrible happened. Well, except that I got some karmic justice, of course. I was single for more than 80% of it and I enjoyed it, mostly. Sure, it got lonely sometimes… but c’est la vie. And that’s why G-d invented wine. I like to think I have high standards, which is why I didn’t get involved with Mr Freelance Writer. But for some strange reason 2008 was the year that I had a thing for boys wif broad noses. It was also the year of livin’ dangerously: I finally allowed myself to buy the SATC boxset. 😉

I moved three times in 2008. No, sorry, I moved four times. I think that was the hardest part about 2008. Constantly worrying about where I’ll live. And dealing with the ex-landlady who sued me for R2600. Ai tog.

I am still struggling to orgasm. I sometimes wonder whether I would ever be able to. Perhaps I was the only coloured female on whom FGM was practised? Or perhaps not. Perhaps I just need to see a sexologist. End of this month, I promise. It’s an investment, right?

Anyway. I hope that I’ll be able to use this outfit finally. And I don’t even think I’ll force myself to lose weight for it 😉


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