Letter to 30-year-old Tarah


Congratulations. You have made it; you are a grownup now.

What’s life like there in 2012? Fuck, it’s scary just writing to you; it gives me goosebumps. It’s scary because soon I’ll be you. But it’s cool, too: I don’t have to apologise for the previous sentence.

So. Tell me. Where are you now? Are you still writing? Are you still in South Africa or are you in Brazil right now, being seduced by a hot boy? Or a hot girl?

Wait, that sentence assumes you’re not married or in a long-term relationship and that you’re living a Samantha Jones kinda life. My apologies.

Do you remember today at all? Today isn’t one of our best, hey? We’re feeling a tad crappy but it’s all good: it’ll soon pass. Heck, I actually can’t wait to go back to work next week to kick some arse!

Anyway. Back to you. God, I’d love to meet you. You must look really pretty in 2012. I imagine you are wearing designer clothing: Lanvin, Diane Furstenburg, Valentino. Wait, why not Valentino? A girl’s got to dream, right?

I suppose I just want to know whether you are happy. Yes, money counts but it’s so much better when you have someone — anyone — to share it with. We’re too headstrong to settle for enige Jan Rap en sy maat… and that’s a good thing, too.

Have you had lunch at Banq yet? No, wait, don’t tell me. I want it to be a spontaneous thing. But lunch at El Bulli, well, I can handle knowing the truth. I’m willing to settle for mediocre service at El Bulli 😉

Well, besides knowing whether you are happy I would also like to know about the men or man in your life. Have you had better luck with them yet? What am I doing wrong? Should I give the neighbour at number 12 a go? You know which one he is. Tall, Afrikaans, reads a lot, is a DIY kinda guy…

Or should I just get over Jozi boytjie first?

Feel free to write to me via return mail.

Lots of love,

26-year-old Tarah


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