How to tell when a guy isn’t into you — or himself


OK. Earlier last month I had a bizarre experience with some guy. I’m not going to bore you with details of how we met; instead I will tell you why I realised he’s just not that into me.

  1. He didn’t ask me about myself. This could include my thoughts, opinions and some interesting titbits about moi.
  2. I didn’t mind splitting the bill for the evening but he ordered a rather expensive bottle of wine…and had only R50 in his wallet and an ‘expired credit card’.
  3. He took me to a dodgy place in Long Street when I had told him loooong beforehand I’m over that place. Waaaay over.
  4. He made me feel bad for not inviting him in at the end of the evening.
  5. He didn’t say “Thank you for allowing me to drink your champagne”.
  6. He slept until an ungodly hour the next morning and just couldn’t leave.
  7. He opened my fridge without asking me and poured himself some tomato juice.
  8. He broke one of my champagne glasses — van Woolworths af, djy wiet mos? — and didn’t apologise.

So what did Tarah do? He left here just after 10:00 so I sent him an email.

Last night was a fluke and perhaps it’ll be better if we remain friends.


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