“Add new post,” she thought


I’m feeling much, much, much better today. I went to teh Waterfront earlier today — it’s what I do on Sundays, djy wiet mos? And I had a spin on the ‘Magic’ ride. There is a fun fair on at the Waterfront so do go. I was just worried that I’ll slip out of it. I was shaking all the time while the thing went round and round and round and round and… faster and faster and round and round a… And I have no idea what the proper name is for the ride; not even the ticket crew knew its name. *Sighs*

I’m still amazed at Jozi boytjie’s maturity. I think he’ll make some girl immensely happy. But she won’t be moi. And that’s fine, too.

We have decided to remain friends. A tough challenge cause I really, really, really like him. I’ve said this before: he’s perfect on paper.

Oh, and about the flowers that I mentioned on Thursday morning: I returned them and got a refund 😉 And I’m waiting on a hug from a certain person. To tell me that everything’s gonna be olraait and that next year will be two thousand and fine. You know who you are.


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