In which my ego gets deflated


I’m confused about the boy. I really am. He flew down to visit me and had no expectations whatsoever. Yes, a boy my age didn’t expect to shag me. Was it something I did wrong? Was I expecting too much? Should I have waited for him to make the first move? Was it wrong to assume he wants to kiss me at all?

Our day started out OK: we had lunch at Den Anker in the Waterfront. He paid. I didn’t expect him to but he did. We then drove to Goldie’s in Sea Point cause I was hoping they’d be open; I wanted to buy chopped herring. Goldie’s was closed. So we came here, to my place.

We placed 2 games of Scrabble and then he claimed he’s too tired. I suggested he take a nap on my bed. I kept joking that I won’t molest him and that he’s safe. He kept saying he doesn’t want to hear such things; he was hoping I would want to molest him. So I sort of took it that he is dying to kiss me, at the very least.

Alas, reader, I wish I could offer you some good news. Perhaps he just isn’t that into me. This is, however, a blow to my ego. I think I’m a bit of a catch, you know? Young, intelligent, attractive, bla, bla, bla. Something to write home about.

Perhaps it was a mistake to let him stay here. I should’ve told him to rent a hotel room. Just a pity it’s Christmas and not some other normal day.

I hope the rest of his stay will be different. Let’s hope.


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