Somehow they all break our hearts eventually


The boy I like is Afrikaans, a nerdy geek and totally awesome. I think. He claims that his nose is large. I don’t mind broad noses, though 😉

I’m not going to get excited but I am. Very much. But it doesn’t help that he’s in Gauteng and I’m in Cape Town. But I have been thinking of moving up there. Hell, I’d go back to Call Centre work if I have to. I just need a change. I’m sure I’ve said this before: I’m bored of Cape Town. Yes, there are many things to do here but … I’m young, bright and awfully pretty. So Jozi is the next step. After that is New York. And after New York? Je ne sais pas but it’ll be awesome, too.

So this boy whom I like… We’re the same age. It took me by surprise, this liking him. And it felt good when I could tell Victor that I’m ‘taken’. Yes, remember Victor? I saw him again last Friday because he wanted his books back. It was uncomfortable: he kept ‘joking’ that we should go to my place for a shag. He’s still attractive but, well, the spark is gone. He kept me waiting too long.

So. This boy. I’m not really taken but I liked the look of surprise on Victor’s face. This boy will probably also break my heart but whatever happens I’ll try to have fun. No, I’m not a cynic. I’m a pessimist. He’s almost perfect on paper, which means he isn’t, right?


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