I’m happy, dudes. I’m genuinely happy. This is fantastic news, right? I mean, there’s a cute new guy working at my company, I’m doing my fair share at work and the micromanagement has stopped … a bit.

The lovelife could be better, but heck, why bother complaining. Although… there is someone whom I am interested in. But I doubt much will happen with him at this moment. Bad timing, I think.

Uri is mad with me because I spoke the truthfulness. Silly man. I guess it’s better like this.

I miss Leigh-Anne muchly; I haven’t seen her for months. It’s mostly my fault, though: I ignore her invitations to parties and stuff. I’ve been bad at socialising these last few months. Forgive me, please LA?

Otherwise, things are looking up. I’ve been blogging like crazy on my other two blogs and I even have my own domain right now: my real name dot com. Go look it up if you know my real name. It’s nothing spessal but it will be … soon. Soon and very soon. Cause that’s how I roll.