Letter to my 22-year-old self


You’re excited because you’ll start your new job in two weeks’ time. That’s awesome. Well done. Even better, your plan to move out on your own will work – in January 2005. This is one of your more daring endeavours – you move into a flat you never even viewed. So typical of you, but something I admire.

So don’t hate your current job too much. Or try not to. It paid the bills for eight months. It paid Toby’s first-class train ticket for eight months, and your third-class train ticket for as many. But let’s not be bitter; he is a baby.

Enjoy the environment of your job while you can; in four years’ time you’ll wish for as good a working environment. But you’ll enjoy working at the new job, too. Enjoy it while it lasts. Much more I won’t say; it’s not good manners.

Very soon you’ll meet a girl who’ll become your BFFN (Best friend for now). I’m not so sure why you stayed friends for that long; you’re personalities are different. Very different. But it was a fun friendship.

I envy you. You’ve got so much going for you. Yes, even with Toby and his moods. If only this letter could reach you. I’d tell you to ditch him and find yourself someone better. But it won’t reach you. And it’ll take you a long time to get rid of him. Sorry about that. I wasn’t strong enough.

Oh, and good lord, chick. You have an amazing body. Do not stop exercising. You’ll be shocked that I weigh about 10 kilos more than you. But I’m going to the gym and starting to feel better. You’ll be surprised at many things I do these days. In many ways my life is better than yours. But in some small ways I wish I can have your life back. (But not really, it just feels that way.)

You’ll stop taking the bus home at night by the end of January. That’s when you’ll move into your bachelor flat in town. That day will be one of the happiest ones in your life. Once again I wish you could find this letter. You stay in town and yet you do not take advantage of it. You only go to work and that’s that. Ai tog. Chick, Toby’s manipulation has to stop. You are allowed to do things by yourself. I promise. There’s nothing wrong with that, you should know this without me telling you.

Anyway. I’ll stop ranting now. </end of rant> Oh that, that’s new. It’s very 2008. It’s a bit of HTML, which you’ll teach yourself in 2007. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. But I’m a bit tired now so I’ll say goodnight. Yes, this is my laptop. Only two more years and you’ll have one, too. 😉


Your future self.


3 Responses to “Letter to my 22-year-old self”

  1. Goblin Says:

    You’re so restrained luv!

    Mine goes something like this:

    Dear 22 year old self…

    Wake up.

  2. callith Says:

    Hey chick.

    Sorry I have been so scarce. Haven’t really been feeling up to myself with everything recently.

    Ag, ja. If only these letters *do* reach our former selves, hey?

  3. Goblin Says:

    Ag I’ve been scarce too. 😉

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