Ag nee, Themba


So there I was one Thursday night (it was after 6pm, I think), having dinner at a fancy shmancy restaurant with someone. And then I notice Themba sitting next to us. Or, I think it was Themba. A sober Themba who’s sitting next to a pretty girl. Well, what can I say? Perhaps he’s always been sober when I’d bump into him on Long Street or Kloof Street or wherever, but he always seemed drunk to me. Agency copywriters, I tell you… They’re a different breed.

So anyway. I do the polite Cape Town thing: I try to make eye contact with him, but no, Themba ignores me. He pretends I do not exist. This didn’t upset me; we’re not really what you’d call friends. But it’s only polite to acknowledge the other person. Yes, even when you’re both on a date. Was I on a date? Um, yeah, I think so.

And one Saturday, at Nu Metro, the same thing happened with another of my casual acquaintances. This one, however, could be described as a semi-friend. We met when I still used to wear my gumboots (a.k.a Wellington). 😉 He took me out for coffee a couple of times, but because he was so much older than me, I stopped responding to his phone calls. I never knew he was married until some months later. Besides, he’s a well known film producer and I thought it’d be a good idea to befriend him. Networking, networking, networking.

So I see him standing at Nu Metro with two ladies. I once again try to catch his eye and to say “Hi, how are you. Haven’t seen you for ages.” But I didn’t. And, besides, I wasn’t sure whether he’d remember me, so I left it.

Why do men pretend other women do not exist when they’re with their significan others? But as soon as they’re alone, they’ll give me warm hugs and compliment me on how good I look and be all charming? Why change their behaviour just because they’re with someone? If I were dating someone and we bump into one of his friends or acquaintances, I’d want him to say hi to her. I wouldn’t feel threatened. Right?


4 Responses to “Ag nee, Themba”

  1. Pstonie Says:

    Probably because some bitches be crazy. She’d most likely give you the evil eye, and then after you leave ask him “So THAT’S the whore you’ve been fucking.”

    Note: Do not read the above comment if words like “whore”, “fucking” and “probably” offend you.

  2. MikeC Says:

    My last gf was an actual psycho bitch. Was very jealous of any female I spoke to. Even the waitress. My female friends would make her mad. Let’s put it this way, I made her mad a lot then broke up with her. So, I do understand a bit.

  3. Briantw Says:

    I stay away from dem psycho bitches – I got friends, deal with it – I’m the same person always.

    Besides, what significant other wants to be with someone when nobody else wants to talk to them?

  4. callith Says:

    @Pstonie: So true. Oh, and don’t worry about the mild cuss words. I use them all the time 😉
    @MikeC: One of my exes — Toby — was also insanely jealous. Oy. Better being single, methinks.

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