Assertiveness: a girl’s best friend


I met someone. The normal way. In the Waterfront. It was rather busy in the coffee shop; all the tables were occupied. The restaurant manager told me a certain gentleman will be leaving soon. So I wait until he gets up. But then he returns as I’m about to sit down – he wasn’t quite done. We both fret for a second (he’s hoping I’ll take the hint and get another table; I’m hoping the same) or so and then I suggest that we share the table. I mean, I’m only there to read the magazines and have an espresso. I promised I’ll be very quiet. But we spent an hour or so chatting about stuff.

He’s a psychologist who obviously thinks I’m sexy and interesting. This is exciting to me; I’m not used to meeting men like this. It’s also scary – he wears takkies and might be religious. But he writes for a daily newspaper, and he reads books. So I’ll give it a shot. I asked him to join me for another cup of coffee next Saturday. At my favourite hang out place.



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