I met someone. The normal way. In the Waterfront. It was rather busy in the coffee shop; all the tables were occupied. The restaurant manager told me a certain gentleman will be leaving soon. So I wait until he gets up. But then he returns as I’m about to sit down – he wasn’t quite done. We both fret for a second (he’s hoping I’ll take the hint and get another table; I’m hoping the same) or so and then I suggest that we share the table. I mean, I’m only there to read the magazines and have an espresso. I promised I’ll be very quiet. But we spent an hour or so chatting about stuff.

He’s a psychologist who obviously thinks I’m sexy and interesting. This is exciting to me; I’m not used to meeting men like this. It’s also scary – he wears takkies and might be religious. But he writes for a daily newspaper, and he reads books. So I’ll give it a shot. I asked him to join me for another cup of coffee next Saturday. At my favourite hang out place.



A while back I posted about my awful finances. I was feeling very 😦 and then tried to explain somewhat why I’m such a big mess.

Well, ladies and gents. I’m making a tiny bit of progress. Sure, it’s only two accounts, but tomorrow I’ll pay Leisure Books as well. I promise.

Update: I paid Leisure Books this morning. 😉

Edgars R 2 433.00 Paid Up
Truworths R 4 313.00
Telkom R 3 480.00
Woolworths R 4 318.00
Nedbank R 4 353.00
RCS R 5 057.00
Virgin Money R 12 808.00
Vet R 1 400.00
Nedbank Credit Card R 2 754.00 Paid Up
Discovery R 303.61 Paid R303.61
Vodacom R 7 102.00
Sainet R 1061.08 Paid R1061.08
Leisure Books R 226.15 Paid R226.15
R 49 608.38 R42 830.54

Almost there


Ever done something scary? Yes, of course you have. I mean, like, duh bru. But sometimes scary things aren’t scary in the everyday way; sometimes scary things are good for us. In my case, this something scary is submitting the article I blogged about last time.

I finally did it. Yes, I had much bad luck this past week, but it didn’t deter me. It made me want to finish the article so badly, I wrote until 23:44 last night and then until 15:15 today. Today’s resolution was to work hard, but not to work on the overdue articles for my company. No ways, José.

So. If I get published…I still need to wrap my mind around that possibility. I’ll be a bit freaked out, that’s for sure, but it will be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 😉