Could this be it?


The incredible has happened, people. My mind is still spinning. I’m still walking around with the biggest grin on my face. Uri told me about a magazine some months ago. More than likely, I sneered at it, thinking it’s not such a good publication. I thought it was a South African publication, I’m sure.

But then I saw it at my nearest Exclusives and sat down to read it. It helped that it featured Charlie Sheen from The West Wing. I liked it and thought to myself that I should buy it when I have money. Time passes and I buy other magazines, spend my money on 375ml bottles of Graham Beck Brut and surf the interweb muchly.

Then, on Saturday, I left the real suburbia and went to the V&A. I saw the magazine again and the cover tempted me to read as much of it as possible. I looked around for a seat in the store, but couldn’t find one so I just stood there, reading.

I went home that afternoon and hoped I could find the magazine online. I did. And I spend a delightful couple of hours reading some of the older articles. But I noticed an error somewhere in their FAQs and sent off a polite email to the editor. I didn’t expect to get a reply, but got one on Monday. She loves my new blog and would like me to write for them. Me. Mna. Moi. Ek. Ich. So now I have to pitch a column idea to her. Argh. How to do that? But I’m sure I’ll find out. I really don’t want to fuck this up…

*Still can’t understand why she’s having such luck*


13 Responses to “Could this be it?”

  1. Leigh-Anne Says:



    I know you’ll make a success of it!

  2. MikeC Says:

    Hey! That’s pretty cool! How ever big the publication is. Best of luck to you on that and glad this blog got you somewhere.


  3. callith Says:

    Fanks, my dah-ling Leigh-Anne. 😉

    It wasn’t this blog that got me noticed, MikeC. I have another one that I’m very passionate about. But having this blog definitely helped!

  4. Parenthesis Says:

    Woohoo! Well done! And what other blog?????

  5. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:

    what other blog? why dont your loyal readers know about it????

    that’s not fucking fair, you know!

  6. callith Says:

    LOL Parenthesis and Cheap Thrills!!

    Fanks, ladies 😉

  7. callith Says:

    Oh, check my properse Facebook ‘Notes’ for my blog posts. If anyone wants to read it, send me a motivation email and a sworn affidavit that you won’t reveal my true identity. LOL

  8. Parenthesis Says:

    Cross my heart and hope to die!!!
    Now spill the beans sista!

  9. callith Says:

    I’ll send you a friend request parenthesis. 😉

  10. callith Says:

    *Laughs to herself at the funny friend request she sent to Parenthesis: Did you know that I am You?*

  11. Parenthesis Says:

    Oooooooooooooh. Now I know who you are. I mean I got the request and all, and added you, but had no idea of the connection until now!! Shot sista!

  12. callith Says:

    You just add random people??? OMW. LOL (I used LOL and OMW without thinking about it. Is that sad?) Now, add me to your regular MyFace, lady. 😉

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