I rock, you rock, she rocks


So I got tagged twice in one week. I think. By Caz and by EM&CT to do the rockin’ da daisy.

The Rocking The Daisies competition might bring me a smile again. Remember how I managed to get such bad karma that my own sister stole my iPod? Hmm. Whatevs. This looks like a great opportunity to get an even better iPod than the 30Gigger I had…

  1. Blog about the competition, telling us what you would take with you to the concert.
  2. Tag your friends in the post. In other words, just link to their website to encourage them to come over and look at your website.
  3. Register here, tag your name and my name (Callith) and copy our blog post onto their website.

So what could I not possibly do without at Rocking the Daisies?
Well isn’t it obvious?

  1. A hot man
  2. Stacks of condoms
  3. My cell with its Vodacom data bundle
  4. Wine/Vino/Alcohol
  5. My 100% Australian Merino top

OK, here goes. I tag Eggworth; Parenthesis; Leigh Anne; Hair Today, Forgot Tomorrow.


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