Men don’t get it


I’m not desperate to meet men. I swear. But G-d knows, this is bullshit. They are everywhere, but they just don’t ask me out. Does that mean they’re not interested in me, or does it mean they already have girlfriends (or boyfriends)? Or when they do ask me out in their own little random way, it never seems to ‘happen’?

On Saturday, I went to my favourite Exclusives. It helps that it’s close to where I stay. As I walk towards the door, I see that Pwetty Boy is there. This means he’s back from the UK, well, Scotland. He left Cape Town in 2006. We used to work together at Exclusives, way before I had an emotional slash mental slash financial meltdown…

So, I walk past where he was chatting to the store manager and enter the store. I buy the magazines I was planning on buying and go outside to chat to him. He was thrilled to see me. We hugged. And hugged again. And he told me about everything he’s been doing, which includes working at a different store and having to find a new apartment. So when I told him I’ll say goodbye to him on his final day at that Exclusives, he said “Yeah, and then we should get a drink”.

So why then, did that not happen? Was I expecting too much? Did I misread what he said? Was it one of those “Oh, we should hang out some time” things people say? I wasn’t expecting anything to happen; it would’ve been great just to have a coffee or a beer (Peroni, of course) with an attractive dude whom I’ve been dying to kiss for the past two years.



2 Responses to “Men don’t get it”

  1. Caz Says:

    Guys are not really all that bright. Sometimes us girls need to be reminded of the fact. He probably totally meant it when he said it and promptly forgot it 2 seconds later (not unlike a goldfish!)

  2. callith Says:

    Yes, indeed. Goldfish. That’s what they are. Ag, it’s fine. I checked his FB for the first time in months, and noticed he is ‘in a relationship’. I guess that explains things a bit…

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