I do my homework like a good girl


I almost got hit with an episode of ‘internetlessness‘ tonight, but thankfully, it was short-lived. So, without much further ado (hey, even copywriters are allowed some cliches every once in a while), I’ll attend to my homework, lovingly dished out by Cheap Thrills.

We had to choose 5 famous people, whom we’re ‘allowed’ to sleep with. Their partner cannot get mad with  – the people on their list are ‘guiltfree freebies’. This was so much fun, I might just spend the rest of tonight drooling over some more pwetty men pictures.

Bradley Witford: Not conventionally pwetty, but so very sexy. To me. I don’t care about what others think, this guy is hot. I think he’s the reason why I obsess over The West Wing.

He’s bald. And a manly man. Yummy.

Cute doesn’t describe her. Sexy also doesn’t. I need a new dictionary for Rihanna.

OMG. OMG. OMG. This dude is sm0kin’. In so many ways. The arms, the eyes, the hair, the alles. I’ll take three servings, please.

One night with Thierry, and I’ll be ready to leave this life. Promise. Had it not been for that ‘Va Va Voom’ ad, I would never have known of his existence…


4 Responses to “I do my homework like a good girl”

  1. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:

    omg how could i have forgotten Dr Christian Troy…..!

    I totally named my kid after him!

  2. callith Says:

    He’s the most gorgeous guy on the planet…

  3. Goblin Says:

    I never pictured you as a Bruce lover 😉

  4. callith Says:

    I dig bald men… And I have only recently become a Bruce Willis fan. Weird, hey? Me of all people…

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