Some more disgusting consumerism and materialism


Well, folks, due to popular demand, here’s another little titbit of consumerism.

Yes, folks, this is the Sony Ericsson Experia X1. I want it badly. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my Sony Ericsson k800i; however, it is not HSUPA-enabled. And after doing just a tiny bit of research for an article on mobile internet, I have decided it’s time for a new phone. Fine, not just yet, but in a couple of months’ time, then. This time next year, perhaps? Cause if I keep doing what I’m doing, I could be in the black by then. And if I increase the amount I pay towards my debt, I could be done in nine months…

The phone looks a little bit clunky, but that’s fine. And I’ll force myself to get used to the keypad, which is not my style at all. But an HSUPA-enabled Sony Ericsson phone? There *must* be a God…

Even better. This phone can use Skyfire and has a Wi-fi connection. So I’m sold.


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