SATC overdose affects female’s brain


I’ve been watching too much Sex and the City tonight, and the last two months. I know I need to desist watching this much, but it’s difficult. Even if I start drifting off thinking about Nick every couple of days. At least it’s not every couple of minutes.

He’s the one whom I had to pressurise into having sex with me. He’s the one guy who wanted to take things slow, and I couldn’t understand that, thinking instead that ‘He’s just not into me’.

Yeah, I know things didn’t work out, but I wonder what he’s doing and whom he’s doing it with. It could be in Dubai; he did mention how bored of Cape Town he is, and how much he’s missing Dubai.

I sent him an email. A pathetic little email, saying that I hope he’s doing OK.



4 Responses to “SATC overdose affects female’s brain”

  1. agh dont you hate it when you crack and send the supposedly/hopefully casual email or sms. fuck man.

    why do we punish ourselves like that??

  2. callith Says:


    The crazy thing is that he responded this morning! OMG. This means I’m going to daydream about this guy again, as my Facebook status message reveals. LOL

  3. shebee Says:

    Hi honey,

    I’ve been lurking for a while now but thought I would leave a comment for a change since its been ages.

    I also have losergirl syndrome and always fuck it up by giving in to contact of an asshole. Hope yours is worth it, and I hope you like the flat when you eventually get to see it 🙂

  4. callith Says:

    Hey Sheena

    Ag, fanks, man. Btw, I stalked you on FB yet again today. LOL. I’m so evil. heheehehe.

    This asshole was actually semi-nice to me on Friday… Weird. But I left it at two emails each. I’m not going to respond to his last email.

    I’m being good. 😉

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