Karmic justice: the con-girl gets conned


I’m not having a great morning. Well, it started off just fine. I woke up, did what I had to, had some coffee and decided to walk to the station. “Why not?”, I thought. And then for some strange reason, I thought of my iPod. I wondered when last I saw it. The last time I heard the iPod was on Saturday morning, when I was snuggling up in bed and its alarm went off at 08:47am as it does every morning. Toby set the alarm last year to tell him he should get ‘a move on’ for work. We called it ‘max lateness’.

So I haven’t heard ‘max lateness’ since Saturday morning. Elizabeth paid me a visit on Saturday. It can only be her who took it. I called her as soon as I got to work. But that only happened after I went home to make sure it really is gone. I got home at about 8:30am and waited until 8:47am for the alarm to go off. It didn’t. Now, I haven’t used the iPod for the longest period. So the battery should be fine. And I did not misplace it. I got home on Friday night and I transferred most of my bag’s contents into my little red number. And then I went to see the Sex and the City movie with some friends.

So it should still be in my room, right? But it’s not.

I’m also ashamed to admit that I’m glad it’s gone. This gives me the perfect excuse to forget about Elizabeth and her baby. I wanted to get a 2-bedroom flat somewhere and have them move in with me.

Am I right to not want to have her move in with me anymore? Should I give her another chance?


One Response to “Karmic justice: the con-girl gets conned”

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