There are some books I can’t read


Is it OK to find ‘The God of Small Things’ a chore to read? I tried reading it again last night, after my flatmate, who brought me a vanilla latte to drink, saw the book on my little Picasso table. She read it when she was in the Himalayas and thinks it’s an excellent read.

Twenty pages later, after being distracted by the strange phrases Arundhati uses, I went to bed. No, I lie. I surfed the internet, preferring instead to read about what I hope my future children will be like, and googling Company P’s very cute co-owner.

I’m sure she’s a good writer, this Arundhati chick, but all the adjectives were starting to hurt my eyes. It made me long for ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ instead. Or any other book that does not rely on adjectives to tell the story.

Am I being too severe? What books do you struggle to read? And do you feel justified in doing so?


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