Gareth got game


I have decided to stay far away from Gareth. This revelation occurred to me as I got out of his bakkie tonight, bidding him a pleasant evening.

He is dangerous territory at this moment. He is a gorgeous guy who has managed to break my heart into a million little pieces two years ago. He is a playa, and I of all people should know this. If I’m not careful, and I persist in having these cute ‘movie evenings’ at his place, I’ll end up feeling even more in love/lust with him. That I do not want. I am not in love with him but I’m not far off. Right now, I’m far more interested in kissing him than anything else, but I know it won’t stay there.

I told myself I will not see him again anytime soon. And failed when he asked me this afternoon whether I would like to watch Brothers and Sisters with him. I was giddy this afternoon when I said ‘Sounds good. What time?’ Must’ve been.

Oy. He’s such a good kisser… And he has the most amazing washboard stomach, semi-bald head, gorgeous eyes and soft touch. And he stroked my arm when I was crying at some episode of B&S. Same thing on Saturday night when I was at his place to watch B&S. And no, we do not use it as a euphemism.

I was so silly tonight. I got a bit dressed up. I wore my silk dress over my jeans, somehow hoping he’ll notice. Of course he didn’t. Why would he? God, I’m crazy sometimes.

Oh well. At least I had fun. 😉


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