Such luck


This is the weirdest thing. I do not have an active Vodacom Data Bundle, yet I am able to surf the ‘interwebs’. Sure, I have R8.22 airtime on my phone, but that can’t be enough to allow me a browse on Saks Fifth Avenue, which is surely a bandwidth chewer?

Anyway. I’m still not over Victor. It sometimes feel as though I’ll never be over him. So much has happened these last couple of weeks, I honestly do not know where to start.

For one, Uri is ignoring me. He reckons I only want to contact him when I want money. Sounds like a typical male thing to say, so I won’t even worry too much over that.

I have a couple of new crushes: Vida Guy is someone whom I see at my local Vida every second morning or so. He is very, very, very attractive (my type of attractive). Oh, and we make eye contact. Or we made eye contact this morning. Should this happen again (like, tomorrow morning), I’ll endeavour (trying to sound fancy now) to smile at him. I can’t promise, though. And hopefully he’ll be wearing his biker gear. That makes him look super sexy. But, I have to admit, he does look a bit ‘vaak’. Oy. My taste in men is dodgy.

My darling mother kicked my sister out. She moved in with the baby’s daddy’s family and is now sleeping in his room. The daddy sleeps in the lounge. Supposedly. So, I’m working on finding someone to move into my room in this 3-bedroom flat. I’ll then get my sister to move in with me, but in a different flat. It has to be a 2-bedroom one. Which will cost a lotta dough, but it’ll be better than to have her stay there. And she has an interview on Friday for a job that’ll pay double her current salary.

Somehow, last night, Gareth and I… It wasn’t planned, but damn it felt good. Or, rather, it was planned, but in jest. I certainly did not think I would pull through with ‘our plan’.

O.K., this is just weird. My Gmail is loading. Leigh-Anne, why are you not on Gchat? LOL. How is this possible? I should’ve run out of airtime by now. All these websites are heavy on bandwidth. Unless of course, the data bundle doesn’t really expire. Unless of course, Vodacom lies about that as well. Let’s see if I can get into Facebook. Yip. I’m in.

In other amazing news

One of South Africa’s well known and well loved brands, Company P, wants me to do freelance writing for ’em. This is such a random thing that happened just today, about two hours ago. And I do not care whether it is because this company has managed to screw me around and over and under (exaggerating a bit here); I would like to believe that their main kokkedoor was reminded of me at the right time. So there. I do not need a certain busy executive to make things happen for me. I am quite capable (with the help of Lady Luck and Mister Charm) of doing it myself.

This might even help to pay that waaaay-too-expensive flat I’m viewing tomorrow night…


2 Responses to “Such luck”

  1. selfconfessedwhore Says:

    so is victor out of the story?
    have you moved on?

  2. callith Says:

    I’m not sure. 😦

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