Meaningful misreadings


Oh no. I think Mr Freelance Writer does like me. I sent Leigh-Anne and others an sms last night when he went to the loo: “I think I am on a date”.

He’s a 37-year-old. Divorced. Jewish, I think. Can only be. I attract Jewish guys. We met on Gumtree, but I was not looking for a date. I was actually flat hunting. Anyway.

He invited me for a drink, so we ended up in Long Street. I didn’t want to go, as you could see in last night’s post. But I went, and had a reasonably good time.

But he has this habit of staring at me. The 18-year-old at work also does it. And the UCT researcher has the same habit. Argh. It makes me nervous when they do that. Does it mean they think I’m ‘cute’, or does it mean they think I’m ‘crazy’? Probabl both.

He’s constantly touching me. That says something. And he kept suggesting we lengthen the evening, even wanted to go to Zula’s.

I’m not so sure what to do. I can’t tell the poor guy I’m not interested, for what if I’m misreading the signs? What if he isn’t interested in me? What if he’s just ‘hanging’ with me?


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