I’ll never shave my legs again…much


Perhaps I should not have read her post. Perhaps I should have sneered at it instead of laughing and agreeing with it.


Homeowner Guy called to cancel just half an hour ago. We were meant to go to a ‘Meet the Artist’ thing at a gallery in town. Mind you, I was under the impression he thought it’s only tomorrow, so I then sent Freelance Writer an sms, asking if he’d like to go with me. This was before Homeowner Guy called to cancel. He promised he’ll make it up to me, but I played it cool, reassuring him it’s fine, I’m not worried.

No, I wasn’t hoping I’d get laid. Well, I guess I had a bit of hope something might happen. But I’m still a bit hung up over Victor. So all my dates are ‘non-dates’ these days. I act as aloof as possible. I do not mention my relationship with Toby, or not much. Hell, I especially do not mention Victor.

Especially last night. Freelance Guy kept feeding me spoonfuls of his food. Argh. And he held the car door open for me. And closed it. Perhaps it was a date in his mind, which is why he made fun of me because I wasn’t wearing high heels. I was, however, wearing one of my pretty new dresses.

Anyway. If Freelance Guy doesn’t make it up to me, I won’t be too disappointed. He doesn’t like vino. I find that alarming. But I do blame shaving my legs for this.


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