What I’ve been up to


I went on a diiiirty weekend with a friend. I am sure I’ve written about her before, but I can’t remember her code name for the life of me. We had a jol. Even went to Darling, Dahling. And posted the pictures to Facebook. But it’s not as much fun tagging her; she isn’t on Facebook. No, she’s no Luddite, she just doesn’t like Facebook. Crazy woman, hey?

I no longer wash my hair. This may sound crazy, but I think it’s great. I got rid of at least one fragrance that clings to my body. I’m trying to go as natural as possible, and this is only the first step. My hair looked a bit greasy last week, but it’s only because of the Loreal Curl Power Seventeen magazine sent me to rate. So I ditched it, and now my hair looks normal again.

What else have I done? Hmmm. I got myself into a load of debt. I won’t even mention that. The spoils include a stunning County Road top that makes me look like Audrey Hepburn, a warm duvet cover, enough food to last me the month and some Liewe Heksie shoes. And yes, they are red.

Something else I did, was to get timeshare. Well, the points system. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing and I didn’t go into it alone. At least. I have a partner in crime. So, this means we can get cheap accommodation when we go on holiday. And trust me, I want to go everywhere and do it as often as possible.

So, that’s me.


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