Broad noses are cute; I have one


There’s a new boy whom I like. Argh. He’s cute (even though Leigh-Anne thinks his nose is too broad), intelligent, has unorthodox views on just about anything and has a sense of humour.

Problem is just that I have never met him. He’s the editor of a well-known South African website. He’s also Afrikaans. Well, he can only be Afrikaans, wif his name.

Oh, and he thinks I would make an excellent sub-editor. That’s sub-editor, not copy editor. Argh. I only learned the difference last week. *Slaps forehead*

So anyway. I’d love to meet him, but I’m afraid of ‘asking him out’. I need help!


One Response to “Broad noses are cute; I have one”

  1. […] a nerdy geek and totally awesome. I think. He claims that his nose is large. I don’t mind broad noses, […]

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