She doesn’t need my ‘pity’


I’ve seen her around town. She’s almost always alone, and very nicely dressed. She speaks beautiful English, you know, Leigh-Anne type of English. The English I can only dream of speaking.

I admire everything about her. Well, perhaps not everything; I’m lighter in complexion than she is, so that makes me happy. And my hair isn’t as nappy as hers.

But otherwise, I’m sure, she’s living la dolce vita. Or so it seems. Even if she isn’t a high-powered executive (who just happens to prefer taking taxis to get from A to B), she’s got great style and knows how to put a look together. Who knows, perhaps she bought that black dress at a store in the Golden Acre (I highly doubt it), and perhaps that light blue cardi is from Mr Price. Hmm. Perhaps not.

Thing is, somehow, I pitied this woman. She looked out of place in a taxi. Yes, even more out of place than some of the white ladies, only because she was so well-dressed. I don’t imagine her taking a taxi, train or bus anywhere; I see her driving a Smart Car and partying at fancy ‘la-di-da’ restaurants and bars.

So I wonder: do people see me at times, and think I am out of place when I take a taxi?


2 Responses to “She doesn’t need my ‘pity’”

  1. Leigh-Anne Says:

    Darling, with your inimitable sense of style, your haughty demeanour, Gabriel García Márquez book tucked under your arm and your Louis Vuitton wallet, you’d look out of place just about anywhere… 😛

    It’s not a bad thing – it means you’re an individual!

  2. callith Says:

    “I’m not haughty,I’m just a tad shy”, She sobs.

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