Of peanuts and promotions


I need a raise. It’s pathetic that I, a 25-year-old is still earning peanuts. There are some of my friends who earn much more than me. Some of them are *gasp* younger. See, when I interviewed for this position, the big boss wanted to know how much I want to earn. The problem was that just two or three weeks prior to that, I had interviewed for a similar position at a different company, and didn’t get the job. I was positive it is because I asked for too much money, so when Michael asked me how much I want, I just blurted out a random amount.

And I got the job. I’m not sure how, or why, or what’s the big purpose and where it fits into the grand scheme of things, but here I am. Only, I’m not very happy. About a number of things, and money is one of them. My rent used to be half my nett pay. That’s ouch. That means I am not coping financially.

Even now that I have moved to a cheaper apartment (sharing with two others in a flat without a shower), I am still not in the black because I was forced to take a company loan of 6.4k Ouch.

The worst thing is that, when I started here, I thought that I would impress them by submitting only the very best work. I honestly thought I was doing that. But why then did I only receive a R500 Xmas bonus? When almost everyone else (I’m sure) received upwards of 1k? Does this mean I’m a bad employee? Or does it mean that I need to become Michael’s new BFF? I don’t really want to though. I’m just not like that, you see?

So anyway. I held high hopes of being inundated with work and showing them that I am a diligent worker who can crack the odd joke. Alas, my workload has been declining steadily since December and then they had the audacity of hiring a second copywriter. Who isn’t nearly as bad a writer as I thought. 😦 And yes, it does pain me to say that. It pains me to read through her stuff and having to admire it. It pains me that she might just be *gasp* better than me.

Do I have enough reason to ask for a raise? Yes, I could mention that I am underpaid by ‘industry standards’, but then, I’m in the SEO Industry, which is a different kettle of fish. And then what? He might point out that there isn’t much work to be done, and what’s more, I’m not really that good. This sms reveals that fact:

Good lord. I really hope you dont write for any publication of substance. With you pompous attitude and less than perfect command of the English language, you would destroy any readable ‘rag’.

That stung. But. That’s just one person’s opinion. Someone who does not matter. Someone who might have been angry with me so he decided to hurl a cheap insult at me. Ouch.

So, yeah. I can’t promise, but I’ll try to brainstorm ways to ask Michael for a raise. And reasons why I deserve it.


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