Saturday night’s escapades


Moving into a new flat calls for a celebration, so my flatmate and I had a housewarming (I never know if it’s ‘house warm in’, or ‘housewarming’) on Saturday night. Well, it was supposed to be all three of us, but the third girl went home to visit her family. Pity, she’s quite a sweet girl. At first I didn’t think I would enjoy the party; my flatmates are very religious, and I was expecting their friends to be as religious and very racist. Don’t ask me why.

So I spent the first half an hour chatting to my friend on Skype, and arranged to meet her for lunch at her new flat the next day. I then moaned to her about this housewarming party, and told her that I should go to mingle with the guests.

I reluctantly joined the people on the balcony and started to talk to them. Quite nice people, I had to admit. Eventually, I noticed an attractive bald guy who seemed quite intelligent, and fun to talk to. At some point in the conversation he asked me who my favourite male actors were. I told him that, actually, I don’t watch television, so I don’t have any. And then some other guy said, “Ag, I’m sure she likes Maguyver”. I said, “Yes, I do! And I also like whatshisname, um, Bruce Willis.”

Pieter (the attractive bald guy) wanted to know why I like him and I said, “Cause I like bald men”. He seemed pleased with that and said “Thank god, there’s hope for us bald men”.

Throughout the evening, I kept thinking that he’s cute and I’d like to kiss him. I undressed him with my eyes. We had this delightful banter and it was just such fun to flirt with a handsome guy.

So by the time people started leaving, I got nervous, thinking he might also on his way. But then I realised that he stays in Paarl, so it’ll be a very far drive at 2am. Of course he stayed the night.

At 2:30 my flatmate decided she’s going to bed, and I also went to my room. He was supposed to sleep in the lounge but then he saw my light’s still on and peeked inside. “You’re genuinely addicted to the internet, hey?”, he asked. If only he knew I was busy writing this post about him! I said nothing, only because I was wondering whether to jump him right there. He then went downstairs, to check on his bakkie (Yum, I love guys who drive bakkies) and I went to the balcony for ‘some fresh air’.

He noticed (when he returned) that the door leading to the balcony is open and joined me there. It was classic: he saw me standing there, waiting on him to ‘make the first move’, which he did. I was so relieved! I am not used to this, not anymore. Haven’t happened to me in ages. So it was refreshing to kiss someone (he’s a good kisser!) new. And the ‘bumpin and grindin’ was fabulous. It made me feel like a naughty 15-year-old. I acted all coy for all of half an hour. I then kissed him and told him to have a good night’s sleep and went to my room.

Ten minutes later, in just my bra and slip, I went to the lounge and joined him. He stripped down to only his boxers. Yummy. We kissed for a bit and I then led him to my room.

The sex wasn’t that amazing. At all. He got soft before I could even put the condom on. Stage fright, perhaps? It was, however, pleasant waking up next to someone who then showers you with kisses all over. Hmm. Haven’t had that in a while. I swear, I would pay for that to happen every day. Never mind that I’m not particularly keen on sharing a flat with my next boyfriend.

I haven’t heard anything from Pieter. I guess my flatmate told him I have a boyfriend ‘of sorts’, because that’s what I’m telling everyone. Argh. But. He stays in Paarl, which is too far away from me, so even if he’s interested, it wouldn’t work.

Should I send him a message on Facebook? What do you think? It’ll just be a ‘Sat was great. LOL.’ type of message, nothing hectic. Or should I just leave it?


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