I heart my GFF


I have a confession to make. I am an unashamed fag hag. I have been one (unwittingly) since the late 1990s. Back then, I thought I was just hanging out with a bunch of quirky guys, who just happened to be über nerds. Ha. What I later learned was that they were all in the closet. Well, except for one, that is. Out of the 5 guys I spent breaks with, 4 revealed themselves to be gay at some later stage.

Fast forward 8/9 years into the future, and you find me yet again carrying the label with a modicum of pride. Come on, it’s trendy to be a fag hag, right? Except that I wish they could invent a better label. One that is not so self-loathing.

But what I find strange is that I tend to have crushes on gay guys. Either full-blown tragi-crushes, or slight infatuations that may involve a GFF (gay best friend).

At the moment, it is Glen I have a slight crush on. The weirdest thing is that he is absolutely not what I tend to go for. He’s lanky, for god’s sake. And I don’t do lanky. Well, it isn’t a proper crush. It’s probably just because I’m horny. Right now. And we had lunch today.

Argh.This is so weird.


One Response to “I heart my GFF”

  1. I’m a fag hag too…as to a better name for it, The Urban Dictionary has one entry that says “also known as a Fruit Fly or Queer Dear”….. I don’t know if I like those any better…..

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