Some of my best friends are coloured


I don’t like this new WordPress display. It messes with my eyes because it’s so damn bright. I like it about as much as I like people who are stuck in the 18th century version of Cape Town.

So I moved. That might be why I haven’t posted anything for a while, or rather, anything worthwhile besides Youtube video clips, et cetera. How I got the room is another story for another day. ‘Tis rather amusing, actually.

But last night, when watching 7de Laan with these two girls (who are white, Christian church-going types), I mentioned that one of my friends has a role in this popular soapie. Immediately, they ask me which character he is. I didn’t know, so said as much.

The older chick then said, “Oh, it’s probably So-and-so.” I then asked who So-and-so is. They looked remarkably uncomfortable, and silence ensued.

Turns out So-and-so is indeed my friend. But, honestly, why do they automatically assume he is my friend? Is it because we’re both coloured? Why didn’t they assume one of the black guys, or god forbid, one of the white girls, to be my high-fallutin buddy?

Am I making too much out of this?


3 Responses to “Some of my best friends are coloured”

  1. I have coloured family, and i am white. okay, it’s family by marriage, but so what??

    anyway, i tagged you in a meme.
    check it out

  2. Leigh-Anne Says:

    Wait until they start trying to set you up with their other token coloured friend…

    Let’s hope it’s a guy!


  3. callith Says:

    Damn, you are evil women! lol.

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