Why is everything fully furnished?


I need a new living space. And I would prefer staying by myself, but realise it might not be possible. So, I’m more than willing to share with someone who is decent and not a tv freak.

Problem is just that I have some of my own furniture, lovingly selected throughout the years, and this poses a problem. I’ve been to view some flats that are so fully furnished, it’s overwhelming. Why, oh why did I get my own washing machine? This makes life difficult. Very much so. And my own fridge? There is just not any space for a second fridge in most of these flats.

What I would like to do, is find someone who also has minimal furniture and then we can do some flat hunting together.



3 Responses to “Why is everything fully furnished?”

  1. Leigh-Anne Says:


    I loved going flathunting with you… It was such a joy! (LOL!)

    And you have such pretty things! tries not to feel too jealous

    I’m sorry that I like living out in the suburbs… With the yids… 😥

    I’m sure you’ll find a fah-bulous flatmate who doesn’t speak wif an aksent while wearing her boyfriend wears his jean punt and two tone khaki shirt…

  2. Leigh-Anne Says:

    I need to learn to proofread what I type.


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