Relax, just do it


I’m too aggro. Again, last night, I morphed into this other woman. She is loud, rude and really pushy. I’ve had anger issues for a long time, mostly fuelled by Toby. One of Toby’s friends claim I used to be very sweet. LOL. And that Toby made me bitter. He’s probably right. I mean, this guy gains nothing by telling Toby he is the cause of my anger.

I’m so embarrassed. My friends were embarrassed. Mind you, I was only looking out for them. Honestly. I guess I took it a little bit too far. Especially when I wanted to know “What’s with the finger pointing?” and using “dude” and getting closer and closer to the guy’s face. I swear he thought I was going to hit him. I probably was, who knows?

Last night’s little altercation probably did a lot of damage to my relationship with Beatrice and Susan. Because I also got into a tiff with Susan’s friend. Ai. No, it wasn’t just the wine that got me acting like this. I think it’s all my pent up anger that is only now boiling over.

This is not a very pc thing to say, but I’m itching for a fist-fight. I’ve never been in one, and I would love to start one. And I’m not talking about a slapathon. I want a properse fight.


9 Responses to “Relax, just do it”

  1. Goblin Says:

    I still maintain that there’s nothing quite like a fist fight to release some tension. I’m thinking a lot of people agree considering the popularity of Fight Club.
    But yar, having a bit of an aggressive streak is a problem hey, that’s why I smoke weed. *insert that cheesy colgate advert smile here*

  2. SoupNumber5 Says:

    I get that way too. I get all pumped up. Then I drink some whiskey and mouth off. No fight ever happens. I’m not a tall guy so I don’t look intimidating. But it felt good knowing that I may throw a punch or I may get punched.

  3. SoupNumber5 Says:

    I think I would have gotten my ass kicked if ever a fist fight happened. I’m usually drunk when I get in that state. I think it would have been well deserved. Ever once in awhile I need a good ass whooping to keep me in line.

  4. callith Says:

    @ Goblin: Toby is a major dagga head. That’s why I can’t stand the stuff. He used to smoke it every day, still does. And it used to piss me off. So I could never.

    It used to irritate me that he can’t, or won’t, get angry.

    @ Soup: Let’s have a fight! You, me, tomorrow? After work. I’ll meet you at **** and we can fight it out. LOL. Or, perhaps not, hey?!

  5. You have a Toby issue? I have a Toby issue too. I hope it’s not the same Toby… Probably not but what the fuck is it about that name that makes me love him all the more? I found you through Elisabeth82’s WordPress page. Lots about my Toby on my page. Check it out!!

  6. callith Says:

    Hey, Grindchopblend.

    Nah, I doubt it’s the same Toby. My Toby’s real name is Xxxxx.

    And I’d love to read Elizabeth82’s blog!

    Shall have a look at yours later on.

  7. Lee Says:

    Do you watch the TV show House? in my midn your like a female version of DR House.

  8. callith Says:

    Nope. I don’t really watch tv. I’ll google him, though. Is that a compliment? LOL

  9. callith Says:

    I’m not as grumpy as Dr House… 😦

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