Who’s afraid of shopping online?


I’ve been spending a lot of time reading American blogs, and one thing I noticed, is that online shopping is just so very normal over there. So many of these bloggers casually mention they bought something online, and it’ll arrive on Tuesday.

Yes, fine, I also do online shopping. But my online shopping is restricted to groceries, cute buttons, online dating site payments and buying tickets to events. I have not yet progressed to the level of the average American online shopper who feels comfortable buying some clothing article she has not seen in real life. Granted, it saves time, and possibly even money, but I would much rather prefer to go instore than buying online.

This is why I’m so glad I’m a city girl. And, compared to places such as Putsonderwater, I have so much choice when it comes to clothing and accessories. Perhaps I’m lucky. Or perhaps these ladies know something I don’t.

I wonder if they get as much of a thrill as I get when I pay for an item at my local mall. And imagine receiving your purchase all wrapped up in the mail. No snotty sales assistants to deal with. If it doesn’t fit, you are allowed to return it. You get to try it out in real lighting, not in the fake fitting room lighting that so many stores have.

Hmmm. If only South African companies could also offer online shopping. I remember what a nightmare it is to shop for clothing with Inthebag.

I had a quick look at Jump.co.za and their online offering is paltry. Who are Gurgle, Rebel Rock and Yoga Shop? I’ve never heard of these companies, and they’re featured on Jump? Oy vey. Next, I searched for the term “buy online” in Google. Onlineshopping was one of the first listings. Great stuff. But I won’t buy from them. Nope. They misspelled DVDs and Videos. I refuse to do business with a company that doesn’t care about their image.

Habits has a quirky line on their site – WHO’S AFRAID OF SHOPPING ONLINE?. I could only LOL at that. But they could also do with a proofreader. Now see, I know Habits. I’ve even met the owner once. But if I didn’t know the brand, the image of Habits, I would’ve scoffed and sneered at the layout (it isn’t bad, but it could’ve been done much better) and the couple of spelling mistakes I noticed.

And that’s about all, folks. So much for SA online shopping. It doesn’t exist. Do any of you clever peeps know of other shopping sites? Do we have anything resembling Bag Borrow or Steal? I guess not, or I might have heard of it. Perhaps I should start it. Ai tog.


4 Responses to “Who’s afraid of shopping online?”

  1. i never shop online.

    there’s nothing better than selecting the items yourself and returning home with all your shopping bags!!

    ayway, I tagged you in a meme I thought you might enjoy.

    Chek it out:

  2. ifoundme Says:

    mine was limited to paying exam fees. other than that, it’s either i buy stuff at the mall myself or have someone buy them for me.

  3. Jodi Says:


    If you ever find yourself in the US and you want to give renting a try, let us know!

    All the best and good luck with the online shopping. Keep on writing!

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Bag Borrow or Steal

  4. callith Says:

    Hi, Jodi

    I will definitely do so! I’d love to move to NYC someday. Here’s hoping, hey?

    @ ifoundme: I’d love to do more online shopping. It’s really freeing. I have more time to do reading (very important to me) and drinking wine (even more important!).

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