No blacks and athiests allowed


BIG room to let in house.Unfurnished.
R1000pm including water and electricity.
Looking for a Christian White lady, with sober habits and no smoking.
Have to share the kitchen and bathroom with the people in the house.
Just have to make your own food, and clean where you mess.

What a LOL. She’s so obviously Afrikaans. Poor soul. Such a pity I’m not white. I could’ve convinced her I’m a Christian lady van stoere inbors, and brought all my toy-boys around (disclaimer: not so sure about the grammar). LOL


5 Responses to “No blacks and athiests allowed”

  1. Scary man. Let’s hope she gets a nice white Christian lady who’s an absolute psycho.

  2. callith Says:

    There are many of them around. I’ll also pray that she finds one. he he he

  3. Leigh-Anne Says:

    What she really needs is the little old lady who tried to pray for us at TygerValley!

  4. Lee Says:

    Id love to find that person. Just think of the fun you could have with a housemate like that

  5. callith Says:

    Oh god. My two current flatmates are Christian. Wish me luck, people?

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