I lost a tear just now


I have been a faithful follower of Life of a Valley Girl since some months ago. Possibly December last year? One of the most recent posts made me shed a tear. I just couldn’t help it. And then I read this and I got all jealous and shit. Argh. Would this work on some random Gumtree guy?

It’s something I would love to share with the guy who will one day win my heart. Ai tog. Even if Lee thinks it’s a bad idea. Let’s hope, hey?


2 Responses to “I lost a tear just now”

  1. Valley Girl Says:

    You’ve been following for a while! I started Life of a Valley girl in late August ’07! Thanks for sticking around through all of my random rumblings.

    Honestly, I’m glad Ron reacted so well. I hope you find someone worthy of reading your blog.


  2. callith Says:

    Hi, Val

    Yeah, I’m also glad Ron’s reaction was that good. And it’s been fun reading your blog. Still is.

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