I must be very uncultured


Being a single girl is great. If you want to drink wine for supper, you can do it and not feel guilty, or have to explain to anyone W.H.Y you don’t want a meal. I’m a serious vinophile. I always have wine at my flat. And there’s nothing better than getting home, and having a glass of vino. Which I did last night.

Being all enthusiastic, I opened the bottle (I didn’t want red wine. blasphemous, I know.) and poured some. I then sat down (in front of my laptop of course) and did the usual: swirl, sniff and taste a mouthful, as I was taught last year. Where, I shall not mention. LOL

It had a peculiar smell. I can’t quite decide if it’s an earthy smell, or if it’s a vegetable or a fruity smell. It does taste great, so that’s not what I’m concerned about. The wine is fabulous. But I’m worried that I’m too uncivilized to enjoy it properly.

Is that possible? Am I wrong for thinking I am the uncivilized one? I mean, come now, I read Crime and Punishment in the 10th grade! I struggled though C&P, but I finished it. I know what a wine/whisky decanter is, and how to use it. I have flowers in my flat. So I’m not really uncivilized, I hope.

And I’m sure I could learn to appreciate it, much the same as I managed to “learn” how to appreciate whisky. Or, perhaps I should just trust myself enough to admit I don’t particularly like this wine’s smell. Which isn’t to say that I don’t like the wine, right?

Life is too short to feel bad for not liking a certain wine.


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