Dating shenanigans


It’s starting. LOL. Me dating blues and shoes. Schmoozing, dressing up, getting tipsy at fancy joints. I can feel it happening. And it’s exciting. I’m so excited.
Problem is that the first hopeful (he’s got half a brain, and isn’t too old) knows one of Victor’s friends. And technically, Victor and I are still in a relationship. Well, last time I checked, we were. Last time I checked, things were ok between us, even if I find it increasingly difficult dealing with his inattentive ways.

Well, Mr Hopeful is a History professor at a university. He doesn’t stay in town, and he works close to where my parents stay. He’s been published, and referenced trés times. I Googled him. Of course.

He might be a bore, or he might be a very interesting person. And he didn’t suggest we should “hook up”, or have a coffee date. Instead he mentioned something about a fine bottle of wine that has been lurking in his cupboard. Now, I love wine. Vino is my best friend. So this oke gets full browny points. For now.


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