Look what I got!


My first LV

Well, it isn’t the LV I was coveting, but it’s a pretty good replacement. I used it for the first time to take out small change for the taxi – R4.50, and felt trés rich. And then I had coffee at the deli down the road.

Valerie Solanas got it all wrong. Men aren’t S.C.U.M. LOL

I think this is my new baby, and she’s going to sleep next to me tonight. He he he he


4 Responses to “Look what I got!”

  1. elisabeth82 Says:

    i just found this blog, and i freakin love it. any blog that claims itself to be dirty and skanky earns a spot on my blogroll.

  2. callith Says:

    Hi, Elizabeth!

    How’d you find me? Glad that you like my diiirty blog. I do hold some stuff back, cause I don’t really want everyone to know just how diiirty I really am…


  3. elisabeth82 Says:

    hi! i found you by the tagsurfer, totally by accident. i tried to add you on my list so you can read my blog (mine is really dirty and skanky, lol, so i made it private), but i’m having problems with it for some reason. i’ll try it again right now! by the way, nice louis!

  4. callith Says:

    Oh cool. I also tagsurf sometimes. Just send your URL then? I’d love to read your blog.

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