I’m a teaser du jour


I am horny. Very, very, very much so. I can’t help it. I only get shagged once a week. Twice if I’m lucky. These days, I dodge Gareth’s calls, and I only meet Uri for coffee, no foul play. I’m such a tease…

But. I’ve become very boring.

So what’s a girl to do? Gareth is still out of town, possibly until early next week. Victor’s probably working, as per usual. I’m not quite worked up enough to use my pink friend – my vibrator, if you’re wondering just who that is.

Earlier on, I got very turned on by watching Tony Soprano (I think he’s so sexy) and I sent someone a naughty email. He he he he. I wonder what he’ll do when he gets it. 😉


One Response to “I’m a teaser du jour”

  1. Uri Says:

    Are you enjoying your DVD’s….?

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