Come out, come out, wherever you are


Hi, Lurker

Please introduce yourself. I’d love to know who you are, what makes you tick, how much you weigh, why you read my stupid blog (fishing for a compliment here, as you can imagine…), if you’re certifiable, what you’re wearing right now and what you think of my sparkly smile.

Fine, you need not answer all those questions. One or two of them will suffice. The craziest (I don’t do “nice”; it’s such a fucking “nice” word) reply gets a little prize. I still need to decide on the prize. It might not be anything monetary, though. *She sobs*

But. It’ll put a smile on (or is it upon?) my dial, and that should make you happy, right?


7 Responses to “Come out, come out, wherever you are”

  1. Goblin Says:

    Aww, I’m not a lurker 😦

  2. SoupNumber5 Says:

    I come for the interesting quirky posts. Some amuse me very much. And from your comment above I guess I dig stupid blogs. Does that make me a stupid person? I hope fuckin not.

    As for the tick tick tick in me? Food, curiosity, caffeine, and adventure.

  3. callith Says:

    But SoupNumber5, you’re not a lurker! LOL

    We’ve met. 😉

  4. SoupNumber5 Says:

    oh… ok… i miss understood the whole post then didnt I.

  5. callith Says:

    No, it doesn’t make you stupid. Promise. In fact, it makes you intelligent. 😉

    Hi, Meg! Great to see you here. I read one of your latest posts, and started clearing out my wardrobe of all the evils it contains. Thanks for the motivation!

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