Difficult decisions and cranky landladies


So here’s the thing: my dear (or not so dear) landlady wants me out … by tomorrow night. I’ve got nowhere else to go, bar my parents’ two-bedroom semi with the outside toilet and no bathroom. Divine.

We don’t have a lease; we have a month-to-month agreement, according to her. I never signed anything; she never asked me to. Not even our “agreement” that I move out. She’s been bloody stupid, this isn’t something I would expect from someone with a 4-year diploma. But then again, she’s only a high-school teacher. What does she know?

So. Technically, I have the law on my side, even if only for a short little while. Problem is that she can make my life pretty damn difficult should she choose to. She said as much last Friday. Even threatened me, at which point I then asked her: “May I record you while you repeat what you said just now?”

At that point she stormed off, refusing to open the security gate to my flat. I had to beg her to open it. I don’t like begging, but I also didn’t feel like being outside on the street on Friday night. And I wouldn’t even know how to force a gate open.

Which is why I’ll be buying a massive lock tomorrow afternoon. And I won’t leave the flat over the weekend. She’ll have to lock me inside, then.

Leigh-Anne wants to move to the Northern Suburbs. A part of me likes, another bigger part of me says “NO!!”. I’m a city girl. I need my culture: coffee shops, bookstores, art exhibitions, poetry evenings, book launches, my fuck buddies, dinner parties, et cetera. But I’ll save money on rent. We saw a 2-bedroom flat in “Perou” for R1600 a month. Fuck me. That’s R1100 less a month than what I’m paying for my bachelor…

Argh. Victor would be pleased that I’m moving to the Northern Suburbs. My parents would also be pleased. My wallet, who is my dearest friend, would be fucking thrilled. But alas. Let’s see. Let’s see how things pan out in the next couple of days slash hours and then we can decide on my fate.

EDIT: Um, I was wondering, should I put up a fight, or should I let her have her way? What ya think?

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5 Responses to “Difficult decisions and cranky landladies”

  1. Leigh-Anne Says:

    Darling, as much as I would love to live out norf, I know you’re a city girl and I would never expect you to move. Really. Not even as research for your upcoming novel…

    We can find a place in town, wave bye bye to our budget and live on air instead of food.

    When times are really tough, just remember, there are always random guys on Gumtree…

  2. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:

    put up a fight until you find something better.

    then piss her off completely.

    and hide pieces of snoek in the cupboards all over your flat before you move out!

  3. callith Says:

    How I love Gumtree guys..

    I’ll so hide some snoek before leaving! Oh LOL

  4. Goblin Says:

    PUT UP A FIIIIIIIGHT!! The woman needs a damn good smack.
    Don’t move to the northern suburbs man, it sucks out that way, you need the city 😉

  5. callith Says:

    I’m gonna put up a fight. Really, I will.

    I’d love to pay less rent, though… Argh.

    Wish me luck, ladies.

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