I’m pregnant


No, I’m not. LOL. But.

I’m bored. Of life. Of myself. I need some excitement.

So I’m planning a getaway of sorts. Two weeks, possibly a full month. It’ll do me good and it’ll probably give me some perspective on a lot of things. I need that.

I’ll put my furniture in storage and hitchhike across SA. Fine, then, I won’t hitchhike. But I need some sort of adventure. Anything.

Right now.


8 Responses to “I’m pregnant”

  1. SoupNumber5 Says:

    I’m with ya. I’m in need of some sort of excitement, danger, craziness. I need something to stir the pot a bit. Then I’ll chill out a bit.

    Glad you’re not pregnant. Hold off on kids. Have fun first.

  2. Gary James Says:

    Two ideas for you..

    Highly recommend Hogsback in the Eastern Cape. Small little town in the forest. Fantastic vibe. Good place to chill and reflect if you can’t afford Europe.

    Or, you could start a new blog, using a completely made up persona, and say controversial stuff.


  3. callith Says:

    That sounds excellent, Gary! I’ve never been to the EC, but I hear it’s great.

    A second blog. Oy. Soon my day job will be all about blogging… Although your idea does sound tempting.

    Or perhaps I just need a new lover? 😉

  4. Leigh Anne Says:

    How about you come home with me for a long weekend?

    I swear, one weekend in PE and you’ll be longing for the big city’s bright lights!

  5. callith Says:

    Chick, that sounds like an idea and a half. Let’s do it. When?

  6. garyjames Says:

    Hi Tarah.

    You really need to find your way to the Eastern Cape. Hogsback, or anywhere on the Wild Coast. Even PE is highly recommended, the people in PE are fantastic. Really laid back and down to earth.

    The new lover is always another route you could take. I’m married, but I could put an ad on my blog for you? 🙂 Maybe that’s what your new blog should be about!?! Like that TV show where you spend three months interviewing candidates and then choose someone at the end of it! You could post stiff about the contenders, and we could all vote! Man, I’m just full of ideas tonight..



  7. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:


    dont scare people like that. pregnancy is nothing to joke about ya know!

    if you feeling broody, babysit someone else’s for a while.

    that’ll cure you one time.

    you’l be glad to give it back and re-commit to contraception all over again.

  8. callith Says:

    He he he

    Sowwy, EMCT. Didn’t mean to. I should just get a kitten, finish en klaar.

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