How much to reveal?


That’s my question, folks. Lee told me I should never show him (you know who) this blog. Richard reckons that he’d be damn stupid to dump me if he does ever read it. Mwah @ Richard.

What should I tell him? Should I tell him that I got fired from my job at a big retail company for stealing? It was, admittedly, a very grey area: virtual money. And it wasn’t even a lot. Should he know that my local Woolies banned me from “shopping” there? That is, until they got a new store manager and a new security guard. Should Dubbeld know how worried I am that the old manager or security guard will show up there, see me and tell me to get lost?

Just how much does my “Facebook complicated” need to know?


3 Responses to “How much to reveal?”

  1. Leigh-Anne Says:

    The less you tell him, the less you’ll have to lie about at a later stage.

    It also helps you maintain your “mysterious woman persona”…

  2. Goblin Says:

    I wouldn’t tell him, well, not everything. There are some things that are best left unsaid 🙂

  3. callith Says:

    So true. But there are some things that will help him to understand me better… not that I know if I want him to…

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