Status updates are evil, but mine are cute


How funny that he doesn’t ever notice these sort (type?) of status updates. He only ever sees the crazy, psycho-bitch ones… So I signed up at Twitter. I’ll use Twitter to rant and vent and go psycho-crazy.

But. Aren’t these status updates so very cute? Why doesn’t he comment on these? Ever?

I do, however, think status updates are fucking evil. It’s too easy to change them. Too easy. And I have an addictive personality (which is why I should stay away from wine…) so I do go crazy on my gchat and FB status.

Tarah is excited about next saturday.12:52pm

Tarah is looking forward to tomorrow morning.10:12am

Tarah is looking forward to tomorrow. very, very much. 9:55pm

Tarah can’t sleep, she’s too damn excited about today! 4:59am

Tarah has an angel smiling down on her fo’ sure! 10:35am

Tarah is a very lucky not-so-little girl. 5:14am

Tarah is madly, deeply, crazily, head over heels in love with V. 12:23pm

Tarah had a GREAT weekend!!!! I love you all!!!!! 10:51am

Tarah se lewe is ‘n eienaardige vervolgverhaal. 10:19am

Tarah se lewe is ‘n langdradige, baie eienaardige vervolgverhaal. 10:21am

Tarah would like someone to whisper in her mouth. 9:47pm

Tarah is missing her darling Victor just ever so slightly. fine, lots.5:04pm

Tarah had a lovely weekend with her pwetty boy!! 4:12pm


2 Responses to “Status updates are evil, but mine are cute”

  1. Goblin Says:

    Oooh, I’m very lax with my status updates. I don’t think I’ve updated my facebook one for about a month. When did you write all these new posts damnit?! I’ll have to catch up on the others when I have more time later 😦

  2. callith Says:


    I update mine too frequently…

    I wrote these posts over the weekend. I couldn’t sleep Sat morning. So I decided to spend some quality time with my best friend – me!

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