One last chance … or two?


It is almost 8pm on Wednesday night, February 13. Two minutes to go. If I do not hear from Victor by 9pm tonight to let me know what the plans are for tomorrow, I’m going to lose it.

Last I heard from him was the email about him needing to think long – and very hard – about accepting my FB relationship request. Argh.

He calls himself a workaholic and is married to his career. Is anyone else’s SO (significant other) like this? I’m not so sure if I can handle it. Only seeing him once a week for a couple of hours is bad enough, though I can handle it; him not staying in touch is quite another.

He’s a bit of an intellectual snob. And has working class aspirations. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d rather aspire towards a nice home and a comfortable retirement. Not to work until I expire. I see myself as the quirky granny who has a Cosmopolitan for breakfast, you know?

So anyway. I have proceeded to barrage my heart against the inevitable: heartbreak. I gave my Datingbuzz profile a makeover, I posted an ad on Gumtree and I have not been in contact with him since yesterday. Well, fine, I am too used to sending him links to cool stuff I find on the interwebs. I should stop.

Yes, I know I might be overreacting, but I do believe I deserve better. We’re just too different. I don’t think he is ready for a relationship. And perhaps I’m also not.

Tomorrow is V’s day. That means I’ll share it with a spessal friend. Who is a girl, if you were wondering. Remember, Victor’s got until 9pm tonight to contact me to arrange something for tomorrow? 35 minutes to go… 33 minutes to go…


5 Responses to “One last chance … or two?”

  1. Goblin Says:

    Did he call did he call?

  2. callith Says:

    He sent an sms, asking me if I’m mad at him. We then spent an hour or so chatting online.

    We’re working on it. Baby steps…

  3. Goblin Says:

    Yaaaay! Awesome

  4. callith Says:

    I know! I’m happy. I don’t want to lose him. Irregardless of my many, many rants on this subject…

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